4 Summer Driving Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

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Summer is a time to take vacations, go on day trips to the beach, and spend more time behind the wheel. While it may seem like you are driving less than during other seasons, that doesn’t mean your accident risk goes down. This blog post offers four tips to help keep you safe while driving this summer!

Tip #: What to do when a car is pulling out of a driveway or parking space? 

The first step varies depending on the vehicle you are driving and where it will be positioned once you pull in front of them. If they’re turning left, signal that also before moving forward into their path, so they know what’s coming up ahead.

If they are going straight, stay as far away from them as possible while still being close enough to turn behind them if need be. It can’t hurt to have your hazard lights on, too- this way, other drivers will see you well before making any turns themselves!

Tip #: “When driving down winding roads this summer, always maintain enough speed.”

What do we mean by ‘enough’ speed? Well, it all depends on where you’re going, but usually, around 30-40 mph is enough to keep a safe distance. If you’re going downhill and see a car in front of you, allow for some extra room so that they can break if need be- it’s all about safety!

Tip #: “Make sure your headlights are on when driving at night.”

This is especially important during the summer because visibility tends to be low due to fewer sunlight hours. It’s also best not to use high beams as this will blind oncoming drivers, leading to accidents or near misses.

Tip #: “Always keep an eye out for children who may dart into the street from a sidewalk.”

Kids are fascinated by cars and might not realize they’re in danger. It’s important to watch for these little ones as it can be challenging to see them when you have oncoming traffic coming your way. If you notice kids about to cross, honk at them or flash your lights so that they know what is around their feet!

You can have a fantastic summer driving experience if you follow these tips by Caffee Law Firm without failure.