4 Biggest Investment Frauds in History That You Should Know About

In this blog post, we will discuss 4 of the biggest investment frauds in history that you need to know about. These are scams that have taken place throughout different eras and continued to fool investors because people don’t want to believe them. We’ll go over why these scams work so well, what they involve and how much money was lost as a result.

Biggest Investment Frauds In History:

One of the biggest investment frauds in history was perpetrated by Bernard Madoff. He orchestrated a $65 billion Ponzi scheme that lasted for 40 years from start to finish. This is one of the reasons why people are always so skeptical when they hear about new investments because it’s hard not to think back on this scandal and question the legitimacy of the supposed opportunity.

Mt. Gox was a digital currency exchange that handled 70% of all Bitcoin transactions on the planet and had grown to handle $350 million in trades per day when it got hacked by hackers who stole 850,000 Bitcoins from Mt. Gox’s bogus online “accounts.” They were able to do this because they had gained access to the private keys of Mt. Gox and were able to transfer bitcoins during a time when the exchange was offline for server maintenance.

The Castle Grande scheme took place in 1984 and involved David Paul Brown, his wife Linda Taylor-Brown, their associate James Fife III as well as attorney William Lerach who all conspired to defraud investors by selling securities in a fake real estate company called “Castle Grande.” They used promises of high returns on investments and the lure of tax shelters that never really existed.

The Stratton Oakmont scam was perpetrated by Jordan Belfort, who had been convicted for swindling $200 million from investors with his unscrupulous investment firm. He was able to do this by selling highly risky stocks that were supposedly “guaranteed” and would yield high rewards for investors if they played their cards right.

There can be many more scams that you can read about and learn what not to do if you want to keep your money safe. If you ever find yourself in the middle of a situation like this, make sure you reach out to a professional investment fraud lawyer like Erez Law and let him help you recover your money.

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How Should You Handle A Divorce Case In The Courtroom?

Once you have understood that there is nothing more you can do to save your marriage, it’s best to go ahead and file for a divorce. You need to hire a lawyer who can tell you all the pros and cons of the step you are taking and eventually represent your case in the courtroom. It becomes even more critical to hire a good lawyer if your partner has demands that look unrealistic. So, be careful while considering various options for this job.

You can either take references from your friends and family or check out Marshall & Taylor reviews and take the call accordingly. Start preparing for a lengthy trial once you have finalized the lawyer for your divorce case.

How To Deal With Divorce Case In Court?

While filing for divorce, both partners may choose to sign separate pleas in which all the details are clearly mentioned. If both pleas have similar terms, the judge can announce his decision within a couple of hearings. But if either of the partners has issues with child support, child custody, alimony amount, or property division, things can get complicated.

All of these issues are complex and time-consuming. So, you can expect your court case to take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to get finalized.

An ideal way to keep things under control during this period is by discussing everything in detail with your lawyer and have evidence that can support your claims. If you can do both of these tasks successfully, you won’t have to face any problems. Another way can be to talk to your partner and try to resolve things out of the courtroom. It’s the easiest, safest, and cheapest way to get through the divorce.

So, take a close look at how you can manage things and finish the divorce process as soon as possible. If you are clueless or unable to take a call at any stage, seek your family’s support and cooperate with your lawyer as much as possible. Take care of these two things to manage courtroom proceedings efficiently.

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What Not To Do If You Have Been Issued A Speeding Ticket?

No matter if you drove your car over and above the speed limit authorized by your state government intentionally or by mistake, everything is forgiven until you are caught. The day a police officer or traffic camera spots you speeding, you’ll be issued a speeding ticket. And once that happens, you may have to appear in court and explain the reasoning behind your actions.

There are some acts, which if you commit during this process, can make things worse for you. So, it’s better to avoid them. Here are some of them for your reference.

What Not To Do In Case of A Speeding Ticket:

The biggest blunder you can make in such a case is not cooperating with the officer. Now that your action has been caught, you have no other option but to comply with what he asks you to do. If you try to be non-cooperative, it might trigger him to press a few more charges on you. So, you better be careful while dealing with the officer-in-charge of your case.

Another mistake many people who have been issued a speeding ticket commit is skipping the hearing. This might help them for a day or two, but in the long run, they have to pay for their mistake. It’s important that you approach your case seriously and do everything needed to be free from the charges pressed on you.

A common error in judgment by most people is that they don’t hire a skilled attorney to defend their case. They believe it’s something they can handle by themselves. Don’t do this if you want no more problems affecting your life. 

An experienced traffic violation lawyer or law firm like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates fights traffic violations related cases every day. It knows the exact procedure that has to be followed to win such cases. If you discuss your case with it, you have 100% more chances of walking free out of the courtroom. So, decide what’s of your interest and move forward accordingly.

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In Defense of Lawyers

Let’s face it: lawyers get a bad rap. They are the butt of so many jokes. People call them heartless, cold, and bloodthirsty like it’s part of the job description. While I’m sure most lawyers have thick enough skin to not worry about that, perhaps we have been giving them too hard a time. While I can’t speak for all lawyers, there is something to be said in defense of the profession. The truth is that we couldn’t get along as a productive society without them. 

There are many different kinds of lawyers, including immigration lawyers, family law lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and criminal defense lawyers. It’s this last category that some people take issue with. It can be hard to understand why some lawyers would take on cases in which terrible people do terrible things. How could someone possibly defend someone who was guilty of such a terrible crime? Well, that’s the first problem. They’re not guilty yet. In some cases, the defendant is the one being treated poorly. From shoddy police work to false testimony, there are more than a few ways for people to be falsely accused of terrible crimes. That happens more than any of us would like to think, because we want to have faith in our criminal justice system. Without criminal defense lawyers, the falsely accused would be making up a higher percentage of United States’ prisoners. 

Of course, I know the falsely accused are not the majority of people facing criminal charges. In many cases, those who are charged with crimes are guilty of their crimes. The trouble is, there is so much nuance to saying someone is a “criminal.” While it may be true, in that they broke the law, we should always try to look at the honest truth of the case rather than how much the government punishes people for it. For example, most of the people who are incarcerated in the United States are guilty of drug-related offenses. Thinking about it critically, it may not be fair that someone who was found with cocaine is sentenced to jail for so long. And afterward, it can be extremely hard for them to find a job or get back into the flow of free society. People make mistakes, and even if they’re terrible mistakes, it’s a lawyer’s job to make sure that they are treated fairly under the law, whether we agree with them or not. 

Lawyers do everything in their power to help their clients, such as this firm that uses high-tech forensic science to get to the bottom of their clients’ cases. So, while we may not personally want to defend criminals who have been charged with heinous crimes, it’s a good thing that we have people who do. If we didn’t, the entire system would be thrown out of whack.

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The Most Common Child Support Hang-Up

Single parents have to jump through a number of hoops while they raise their child. They are doing it all on their own, they don’t have a partner to tag in when things get tough. Usually, this means the parent raising the child is devoting almost all of their time and money to the child so that it can grow up happy and healthy.

Sometimes the parent gets remarried or lives with their parents so the child can have a stronger support system, but for a lot of single parents, they’re doing it alone. Certain government assistance programs can help a single parent provide for their child. WIC, food stamps, and a number of other social programs make it so that these parents can buy groceries and other household staples without breaking the bank.

Other systems provide daycare for the child of a single parent. One thing that can be a tremendous help to a single mother is child support.

Child support is money taken from the parent who does not have custody of the child or children. This goes to help feed the child and provide clothing and other basic necessities. The amount of child support awarded to the parent with custody varies based on a number of topics, such as the number of children, the standard of living, etc. Child support can greatly improve a single parent’s life, but it is rarely ever easy to come by.

One of the first things required in a child support case is proof that the child in question is actually the father’s child. Paternity tests help with this and establish a father-child relationship. Establishing paternity involves comparing both the child and the alleged father’s DNA for a match.

If it matches, the child is the child of the father, and the father potentially becomes responsible for child support. In return, the father can now apply for visitation. Determining paternity is a complicated process, and law firms like Alexander & Associates are available to assist the parent along the way.

Paternity testing also occurs in a variety of situations, not just ones where a single mother is seeking child support. Paternity tests are also useful during divorce proceedings when the husband is accusing his wife of infidelity. If their child has different DNA from the husband, he can question whether or not he needs to pay child support.

Paternity testing also helps grown children who grew up without their father. If the test is accurate enough, it can help reunite adopted children with their biological father. Adopted children often go through life wondering how things could have been different had they known their biological parents. Now that DNA-based paternity testing exists, these children can go search for these answers on their own once they reach the proper age.

If you’re a single parent trying to seek help from your child’s father, or if you’re an adopted child looking to meet their biological family, consider getting a paternity test done! These tests can offer vital information that can alter your life forever.

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