Small Business, Big Issues

It’s a tough world for small businesses. New legislation may cause headaches for newer or less influential companies.
The health care reform, for example, requires businesses with 50 or fewer employees to determine if the health requirement is applicable to them. This complicates things; small companies simply don’t have the same human resource departments that big businesses do.  Small businesses like this flight school in San Antonio, TX., often have to handle HR issues on their own, without a full-time human resources department. Figuring out legal technicalities takes manpower, time, and dedication. The details of some legislation can be problematic for any business to decipher, let alone a small, newer one.

Immigration reform laws passed last June may also pose an issue for business owners. Most notably, some states have laws in place that make use of E-Verify mandatory. This means that companies in certain states are legally obligated to check each employee in a huge government database to ensure that they are legal to work in the United States. However, each state has their own laws on the topic, and employers are responsible for knowing these laws and enforcing them.

Along with this legislation, businesses must also ensure that older laws are followed diligently. According to the information found at the website of Cedar Rapids business lawyers Arenson Law Group, PC, employers must make sure their employees are paid at least minimum wage and paid overtime when any employee works over 40 hours a week. Many workers are unaware of the details of these laws, making it up to the employer to make sure that they are being paid the correct amount. No matter how ignorant of their rights employees may be, it’s the business’s obligation to comply with these laws. It is in the best interest of both employees and the business to do so.

These technicalities affect most businesses and can be confusing. However, many law firms offer detailed explanations or even free phone consultations. The website of Cary Kane LLP, a law firm in New York, lists specifically what the Fair Labor Standards Act mandates.

Small businesses can protect themselves by knowing their requirements and seeking legal advice when lost.

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