Social Security Claims Technical Denial

Next to being able to work other jobs that the applicant did before the disability, most disability claims denials are due to medical reasons – mainly that the Social Security Administration does not fully accept that they are severely impaired to the point of an inability to work. When an applicant for a disability claims receives a “technical denial”, however, it usually means that the applicant’s reason for being denied was not for medical reasons.

There are many reasons why technical denials occur. One reason is that the applicant may be earning too much or enough. This simply means the applicant can provide for himself and does not need the disability benefit to survive. Another reason for a denial is not being able to work a certain amount to cover for your Social Security payments. Not working long enough may render you unable to provide enough to pay for your Social Security. Depending on your age, you need to have a certain amount of years at a certain employment that pays for your Social Security. One more reason is that you have not worked recently. Because Social Security disability insurance becomes void after a certain amount of time (specifically, working at least five out of the last ten years, for example), you should be able to provide evidence that the disability occurred before you stopped paying your FICA taxes. An inability to do so can render your claim denied.

Unfortunately, technical denials often cannot be appealed. If the SSA sees that you have not paid enough to cover for your disability claim or if you are earning enough to sustain yourself, then the application will be denied. Occasions where the SSA has made mistakes on the computation or evaluation of the assets or income or missing paperwork or mistakes in the document can be basis for a request to appeal a denied Social Security claim, and these appeals should be filed within 60 days after receiving the denial to ensure that your case will be reevaluated. As San Antonio lawyers advise their clients, it is better to appeal these cases than to reapply to avoid wasting time, effort and money.

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